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Support Us When You Shop for Uniforms & Dancewear Online!

Sign Up For Free & Use Our Referral Code:
BO2934 (15% OFF for March Only)

Save time and money, Simplify dress code needs, and Support Dancewear on Broad while shopping Eurotards' large selection of Dance, Praise, Gymnastic, and Activewear Attire!

Program Benefits


Streamline Dance Wear Needs. Save Time & Money

With Eurotards Web Referral Program, you can shop the very same products we carry for uniforms and praisewear in store and have them shipped directly to your door.

Access Unlimited Inventory for Dance Wear, Praise Wear & more 

Gain direct access to Eurotards entire product catalog and up to date stock. What you're looking for out of stock for when you need it?


Check to see if we have it in store, or let us work on your behalf with Eurotard to find an acceptable alternative!

Sign Up For Free & Use Our Referral Code:
BO2934 (15% OFF for March Only)

Studios & Group Benefits


Set Up a Complete Dress Code Solution

Create a profile for studio or group to create customizable dress codes by level. This simplifies the process for students/individuals to obtain the correct items. Learn More

Earn 5% Cash Back on all Purchases!

Not only will your Students and Members save time and money on purchases through our web referral program, Your Studio or Group can sign up to earn 5% cash back on all purchases made through your account!

Sign Up For Free & Use Referral Code: BO2934 

How it Works

Once your account is created shop online, where you will receive Eurotard's direct web pricing and still enjoy our local10% discount when you use our store code: BO2934. Choose between having your purchase shipped directly to you or to Dancewear on Broad for convenient pick-up. 

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