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Ballet Shoes

Dance Shoes


Dance Shoes for Ballet, Tap, Jazz & More

We carry dance shoes for all forms of dance, from ballet and contemporary to Irish! View a list of shoes we carry or stop by to see our selection.

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Pointe Shoe Fittings

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Our Dance Shes

Our Dance Shoe Styles

Browse dance shoe styles below.

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Ballet School

The Ballet Shoe/Flat

Ballet Dance Shoes

A soft shoe that contours the foot, and traditionally worn by those engaged in ballet practice. Shoes are typically made out of leather or various types of canvas, and come in multiple sole options divided into two categories full sole or split sole. 


The Tap Shoe

Tap Dance Shoes

A shoe outfitted with Taps(metallic plates that cover the sole and heel of the shoe) either rivetted or screwed on. Sound quality can change depending on thickness of sole or types of taps. Types of tap shoes are full sole, split-sole, slip-on, Mary Jane’s, heeled/character, and boots. 


The Jazz Shoe

Jazz Dance Shoes

A flexible shoe typically made from leather, synthetic leather materials, or canvas. The soles are typically a textured rubber or suede. Jazz shoes come in two primary styles, lace up or slip on, with variations in profile range from ankle cut to boot.  

Red Flamenco Dress

The Flamenco Shoe

Flamenco Dance Shoes

Though male flamenco dancers wear specific shoes as well the specific shoe discussed here is the one traditionally worn by women as the percussive element that accompanies flamenco music. These shoes are heeled similar to a character heel but have nails hammered into the heel and toe allowing for the dancers to create rhythmic structures as a part of the dance form. 


The Social/Ballroom Shoe

Social/Ballroom Dance Shoes

Both worn by men and women these are highly stylish shoes designed to be flexible and nimble for the tight maneuvering done by couples on club and ballroom style floors. Often times the bottom of these shoes are made from suede allowing dancers to achieve multiple and sustained spins without placing excess torsion on the knee joint. 

Irish Kilts

The Irish Shoe

Irish Dance Shoes

Irish shoes fall under two primary types - soft shoes and hard shoes. Both styles have slight variations to tailor them towards a male or female foot. Though described here as Irish shoes this style of shoe is warn in Irish, Scottish and Highland dance traditions 

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Other Shoes We Carry

Contemporary, Barre, Dance Sneakers & More

No matter your dance shoe needs, we have a variety of other options to choose from, with everything from Contemporary Dance Shoes and Gymanstic to Character/Folklore Dance Shoes.

More About Dancewear on Broad

We love serving our dance community. Our love of the performing arts and the tight-knit community that we have met over the years were a big part of our inspiration to invest in the ownership of this wonderful shop.

Get to know us a little better by visiting our About us page or click "view products" to learn more about the dance wear products we carry!
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